Personal Injury

Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyers

Whether you've suffered a dog bite, or slip and fall injury, you want an attorney who can help you as soon as possible. At the Oklahoma City law offices of Holloway, Bethea, & Osenbaugh, we will make sure you get the medical care you need and financial compensation you deserve. 

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Strong Reputation

Over the past forty years, we have built a strong reputation as a firm that can handle every aspect of the most complex personal injury cases. Many of our fellow attorneys refer cases to us, because they want their clients to have the best counsel in their most difficult times. Taking an honest approach to all cases, we will provide you with the personal service you deserve whether you have found us on your own or by referral.

With experience handle personal injury cases from both sides of the aisle, we know how these cases work and we understand the challenges you face.


Protecting Your Reputation

Providing plaintiff representation for clients throughout Oklahoma, we handle defamation cases involving slander and libel, in addition to our personal injury practice. Defamation is a false statement that injures someone's reputation and exposes him or her to public ridicule, or condemnation. It is libel if a false statement is published in print or through TV or radio. It is called slander if the false statement is simply spoken. If you have any questions, our lawyers at Holloway, Bethea & Osenbaugh are here to help you find answers.

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The sooner you take action, the sooner you can get the help you deserve after your personal injury. Our Oklahoma City law offices are open 8:30 to 5:30, and we offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. We also make home and hospital visits as necessary. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.